Something about what I do.

What is wedding photography?

“A love story in the images, rising to eternity, the intensity of feelings untouched by the passage of time.”

About christening?

“This Christening Day is special for your baby and you…
so may it bring you blessings to last your lifetime through.”

“Photography connects people – through interests, locations, and cultures.  It spans time and distance as a bridge between worlds.  I have learned much about life, nature, and people by connecting myself with photography groups and viewing online galleries.  At the same time, the people I have met come from all levels of photography.  There is nothing as heartwarming as meeting someone who has traveled further than I and photographed things I will never see in person, yet they are still humble, willing to share their experiences, and teach others what they have learned.”
London, United Kindom UB7 8AA, 13 Falling Lane